9 Best 2018 New Year Resolutions for Newbie Bloggers

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Howdy Readers! I wish you all a very cheerful and lucrative new year 2018. I am so excited to read out all other pro bloggers 2018 New Year resolutions for newbie bloggers. Comment at the end of the post what are your Blog 2018 New Year resolutions.

We are very few days behind for New Year 2018. Hope everyone had a good and comfortable 2017. It’s a common habit for people around every corner of the world to undertake resolutions during the end of every year in order to follow it for better New Year.

Everybody has their own resolutions for New Year in terms of both personal and business. Likewise, I am happily seeing many bloggers around the world undertake different resolutions on every New Year to improve the popularity of their blogs and also for better earnings than last year.

Here are 9 best 2018 New Year resolutions for newbie bloggers that I personally picked up and I feel following the New Year resolutions for new bloggers till the 2018 year end will positively boost up your blogging business.

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  1. Be Unique in your Work

One of the most important 2018 New Year resolutions for newbie bloggers to be unique in your work (differ from other bloggers). Follow your own ideas and style rather copying it from someone else. I have seen few professional bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal and Matthew Woodward who has following the unique style of blogging and it worked out a lot for them. So be unique in 2018.

Happy New Year 2018 LetYouRead

  1. Target At least 3 Guest Posts in the Every Month of 2018

Posting your unique articles on other blogs which are related to your blog niche is a great impression. It helps you to get more new visitors to your blog. So ensure to target at least write 3 guest posts in every month of 2018 and publish it to highly domain authorized and good page authority blogs under your authorship with a link back to your blog.

  1. Increase your Number of Quality Backlinks

Build at least 5 quality backlinks every day without fail. Search for best sites that offer link building and find the better ways there to build quality backlinks. This way you can increase the number of backlinks to your blog for search engine better results. If you see the SEMRUSH number of backlinks reports for blogs that are positioned high in search results, you might know how many backlinks they have built to reach such levels.

Spend few minutes to learn the Search Engine Optimization Basic Techniques before build quality backlinks.

  1. Schedule your Blogging Tasks and Execute on Time

Schedule your blogging tasks for the particular week in a month. Like how many blog posts you are going to publish on what day of the week, how many hours you are going to spend for social platform promotions in a day, Fix a day or two days in a week to communicate with your readers and so on.

Blogging is not like you can do tasks whenever you want. Therefore, you have to prepare a proper schedule to follow up for the entire week and execute the schedule on time without fail for profitable results.

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  1. Work Smart Towards Increase your Social Media Followers

You may know how interested people are spending their time on social media networks. So, target high number of followers to join your blog social media followers list in a particular month in order to reach your blogging activities among the high number of people via social media networks.

If you have a good amount of follower base to your blog, whenever you share something new on your social media handles then it will spread to all the people on your list.

So, increase your social media followers in 2018 and check out the post on How to promote your blog posts on best 4 social media platforms.

  1. Concentrate More on Affiliate Sales

If you are running any affiliate advertisements on your blog to earn money online, ensure to concentrate more on it to receive regular affiliate sales. There are many tutorials and e-books out there created by professional bloggers on how to earn money successfully with affiliate marketing. Refer the guidance and be prepared in the coming year to earn money from affiliate marketing.

blogging 2018 new year resolutions

  1. Be Positive to Learn New Things Daily

Even popular bloggers would love to learn new things in order to shape up themselves for more success. It is not fair to say I know everything. Because there will be so many blogging stuff I may not understand of. So, end of every day in 2018 ensure to learn at least one new technique related to blogging that helps your blogging career move a step forward.

  1. Teach Other Bloggers What you are Good at Blogging

The one main slogan behind every blogger would be earning money online from their blogs. But many bloggers just dropped their blogging life in somewhere middle only because of lack of genuine blogging knowledge. So, if any of the newbie bloggers you know would request you to teach them anything related to blogging, do not hesitate to teach them as someone may become successful because what you genuinely teach them.

This is one good quality I am seeing all these days among so many successful bloggers to learn others in order to let other beginner bloggers become successive in blogging career.

  1. You should have the Capability of Being Patience

Most important quality every blogger should follow in 2018 is being patience. Do not urge to taste the success of your blog. It takes definitely time to become popular and earn money from your blog. So, do your blogging works regularly and genuinely without fail. The success will be yours very soon. Learn to be being patience.

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If you are new to blogging, strictly follow the 2018 New Year resolutions for newbie bloggers which I mentioned in the post. Have a successful blogging year 2018 ahead!

If you feel my hand-picked 2018 New Year resolutions for new bloggers might helpful to newbie bloggers you know, then share the post on your social media handles or convey the resolutions through words of mouth.

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