Do you Want More Visitors to your Blog? Think Your Blog as Your Business

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There are no bloggers except very few who do not demand to get more visitors to their blogs or websites. Because there is no point being a blogger just to say others even I am a blogger and I do have a blog. Passionate bloggers or even people who are maintaining several blogs to earn money online would likely know how important it is to improve blog traffic.

You might have a good understanding of what is a blog and how to create a blog. Or else, even already you own a blog in order to publish several blog posts on it according to your blog niche. Owning a blog is fine but what matters the most is, do you really get more visitors to your blog?

If you are really thoughtful to appreciate the improvement of your blog traffic performance, undeniably you have to think your blog as your business.

Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Imagine, if you own a shop or an office, will you just close it all the days and expect credits? Not possible, Right? Similarly, how come do you expect to get more visitors to your blog when you stay away from doing blogging activities frequently?

Following are the three best pieces of advice that most of the successful bloggers suggest that you can try out to increase your blog traffic in terms of witness more visitors to your blog.

Update Your Blog Often with Quality Stuffs

If you refer most of the search engine optimization strategies, you never come out seeing the importance of both quality and quantity of blog posts. Keep on update new and fresh contents on your blog. Let your visitors know that your blog offers frequent post updates. So that you can easily get more visitors to your blog directly to check for new blog posts.

Try to publish a new blog post at least once in every two days. If you have separate categories in your blog, make sure to write blog posts randomly under all the categories. The kind of particular follow up would make your readers feel active on reading blog posts under different categories rather just seeing new posts from one particular category always.

Write for others not just for you

improve blog traffic

Keep in your mind when you are preparing blog posts that don’t just add stuff to your content as the world has enough stuff. Rather give a life to your content adding example scenarios, strategies, and few fun portions. Your readers will be happier while reading your blog post along with fun portions. Also, they might refer your content word through the mouth to their friends.  By this way, your blog traffic will be improved and other beginner bloggers get knowledge from your posts.

Be wise to select the subject of your blog post according to what people search the most at present. Here I am telling you why I choose this particular topic because I have realized most of the Facebook bloggers community members struggling to find a right path to improve their blog traffic. I have been trying to my blog all the tips here I shared and I receive a good response to my blog. You may have a look at my blog first-month traffic report at LetYouRead First ever Affiliate Sale and November 2017 Blog Traffic Report

Do Comment on Other Blog Posts Relevant to your Blog Niche

blog commenting


Spend your free time on reading other blog posts that are more relevant to your blog niche. Also, read blog posts that explain how to blogging and search engine optimization. This kind of activities not only helps you explore new ideas but also let other readers of the post know about your blog when you drop a comment in the post with a link back to your blog.

Avoid writing formal comments like Nice Article, Great Post, and Informative Post etc… just to get a link back. Think and do comment what genuinely you gathered from reading the entire post. Be smart when writing comments as it has to make other comment readers feel to give a visit to your blog.

Give a try to all the three above written tactics to increase your blog traffic.

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