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As my blog is a brand new and I have published very few blog posts so far and most of the posts yet to be indexed in Google search results for organic traffic. Still, luckily I am getting around 20 to 30 new users to my blog with the average page views around 50 to 60 in a day. The major reason that I believe in such a good amount of traffic is engagement with people from top social media sites.

Three-fourths of my blog traffic receive from social media sites and especially 95 percent of the traffic among three fourth is from four top social media sites. For newly launched blogs, you cannot easily drive more than 50 new users to your blog. As you have to wait for at least three months let your blog goes popular via search results. Even it cannot simply happen unless until you take significant care on search engine optimization techniques to your blog.

I am not sure how often newbie bloggers nowadays spend time on top social media sites to promote their recently published blog posts. But I can say you one thing for sure, if you spend your time on social media sites to promote your blog posts then your blog started getting the good amount of social traffic.

I don’t want you guys to wasting your valuable time to read formal points like here is the link to the social media site, click and sing up as well fill up the entire mandatory details to become a member. As I see nowadays even a ten years kiddo know getting access to social media sites.

As I tried many of the available social media platforms in terms to promote my latest blog posts and here to write a post on four top social media sites that means a lot to my blog.

  1. TwitterBest social media site twitter

Before I was into blogging, I had around just 150 followers in my Twitter account and most of the people in the follower’s list are my friends and colleagues. Once in a week or ten days, I used to log in just to read what celebrities tweets. But I have been forced to start using the twitter to engage with other people in order to convey about my blog posts. Undoubtedly I would say Twitter is my first choice among all social platforms to promote blog posts.

As I said Twitter is the main reason behind one of the posts from my blog has happened. Check out the post here SEO Ranking Factors 2017 according to the Professionals Point of View and read to know the interesting story behind the post.

Here are five tips you can do once you logged into your twitter handle to get huge followers base and drive traffic to your site:

  • Search for the terms related to your blog niche to find the people who tweeted relevant to the terms, follow and request them via direct message to follow you back.
  • Write tweets (Tips, New Ideas, Motivational Quotes, Your experience from your blog niche) frequently related to your niche with relevant hashtags. It might help you get new followers.
  • I found many Twitter users willing to help out newbies by retweeting their tweets. To do so, just tag them in your tweets and request them to retweet.
  • Whenever you published new posts, share the link with your followers and ask them to share it with their friends.
  • Send Thank You tweets to people who followed you. If you have email subscription newsletter, request your followers to be a subscriber to your blog.
  1. FacebookPromote your blogs in facebook social media

I chose Facebook as my second choice why because I can found more relevant audiences to my blog through Twitter compared to Facebook. But maybe Facebook works a lot better for you than twitter. Here are few suggestions what you can do with your Facebook account:

  • Add new friends as much as possible because if you shared something about your blog in your timeline, your friends will receive notifications about it.
  • Share the link to your blog posts every time you published new. Ask your friends to share with their friends.
  • Create a fan page for your blog, invite your friends to like the page and keep updating pieces of stuff about your blog on your fan page.
  • Search for blogging groups and communities. Request admin to join as a member and share your blog posts link with other group members.
  • If other group members ask any questions related to your blog niche, just share the link to your post as an answer in the comment section if you have already published a post related to the question.
  1. Google PlusJoin Google Plus Groups to promote your blog.

Google Plus is a Google social media platform with millions of user base. I have not spent much time here, but still, I am receiving good response from people for what I shared. Here are few tips on how to promote your blog in Google Plus

  • Same like Facebook there are communities for each and every niche in Google Plus. Ensure to join the G+ communities and share your blog post links.
  • When sharing links, there are many options for you on where to share either in your public profile or any other communities you already joined. Make sure to share your links every community related to the posts as well in your public profile.
  • Keep following people from different Google Plus communities on a daily basis. When you get follow back your follower lists will be increased and probably your shared posts will reach too many people.
  1. Pinterest

Follow people in Pinterest

Pinterest is my last among all the top four social media sites. It is a great social media platform to share images with a link to your blog. But the little toughest thing is that you have to get more followers as much as possible. Otherwise, your shared posts never get an attraction. Few tips from my experience that you can follow on Pinterest:

  • Sign Up for Pinterest or either Login with your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google account.
  • Create boards with relevant title and there you can add pins for both images and websites with descriptions.
  • Look out for other relevant boards and follow people.
  • Make sure to add catchy images to get quick attraction and traffic boost to your blog.

There is a WordPress plugin AddToAny Social Share buttons to share all your posts and pages with a click. The plugin has the Pinterest site too. So, install the plugin and share your posts to the relevant board on the Pinterest account through the plugin. The plugin would definitely a good option to boost traffic to your blogs. Read more about the plugin from the post AddToAny Share Buttons – A Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Shares.

To do all promotional activities, you definitely need to spend time on these top social media sites. Luckily all the social media sites have its own mobile applications in both Android and IOS market. So, install it on your smartphone and do the required promotion tasks in your mobile on the go.

Start marketing your blog with the above mentioned social media sites and comment the response you receive. Apart from the top four social media sites, if you know better sites, just mention it in the comments column.

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