LetYouRead First ever Affiliate Sale and November 2017 Blog Traffic Report

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I was not sure until Dec 1, 2017, late night whether to go with the post or not. Because the blog LetYouRead is just a month old and I was bit confused on how good it will be to publish a post to let readers know the traffic report.

Luckily today Midnight (Dec 2, 2017) when I logged in to my web hosting account and found someone used my affiliate link to sign up for their web hosting plan. So, I came to know I have officially done with my first ever affiliate sale. The particular moment happened in just a month, of course, boost me up to publish the post without further confusion.

First Ever Affiliate Sale

I have been a part of my web hosting provider affiliate program since I signed up. Even I have published a post regarding their leading services along with my affiliate link. Read the post Get Unlimited Web Hosting up to Five Blogs from a Reliable Web Hosting Provider.

The post received a virtuous response from my audience since I published. Also, I have put an advertisement image on my blog main sidebar widget with a link to my web hosting service provider website. Every day I used to receive 2 to 3 clicks in average on my affiliate link. Almost the post is 20 days old as I got 54 clicks so far with 1 Sign up that is my very first affiliate sale. I received commission close to 10 USD for the affiliate sale. Below is the screenshot of my affiliate program where I joined first dashboard (report as on Dec 2, 2017).

web hosting account affiliate program

I have followed very few affiliate marketing techniques. Luckily, it works out for me in just a month to taste my very first affiliate sale. It is not about just getting money but the appreciation from my readers mean a lot to me. I am looking forward to keep concentrate genuinely on my blog for more conversions as well to help other bloggers to read what they do not know before about blogging. Have you just got the interest to learn earn money with affiliate marketing techniques? Check out the post How it is Possible to Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

November 2017 Blog Traffic Report

Here comes the most interesting part of the post. If you are an experienced blogger and you are here supposed to read the post, forgive me for this update as you may receive millions of page views every month. I am very new to blogging and I planned to update this because in some way the post may be a boost for newbie bloggers to know how new blogs perform in its first month.

overall audience overview november 2017

I have integrated Google Analytics tool to monitor the blog traffic right after I got my hosting account. Installing Google analytics not a tough job, just click the post Beginners Guide to Google Analytics – A Tool to Monitor your Blog Traffic to learn the easy procedures.

LetYouRead.Com went live on November 2, 2017. On the same day itself, I have published the first post What is a Blog? Basic Blogging Ideas for Beginners as well start monitoring the blog traffic.

From November 2 to November 30, 2017, 437 users have been visited my blog. As my blog is one month old and so all the 437 users are new to my blog and Let me see in the coming months how visitors make a comeback on my blog.

  • Total Number of Users (By Default Channels) – 437 (Social Traffic –234, Direct – 187, Referral – 10 and Organic Traffic – 6)
  • Among 437 users, my blog has been received 546 sessions which are quite good as my blog is very new.
  • 50 % of the blog traffic from mobile devices, around 45 % from desktop and 5 % from tablets.
  • 1k pageviews with 69.41 % bounce rate and 1.98 pages per session.
  • Page Views by Default Channels: Social – 533, Direct – 311, Referral – 185 and Organic – 52

In coming months I will definitely include few more details like users by country, average user session duration, number of sessions per user.

default channel grouping behavior overview

Reason I believe in the Sucess

The main reason for my affiliate sales success what I believe that I have been active most of the times on top social media sites to promote the blog ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest). So the blog got more social traffic compared to other traffics. Most of the targeted keywords yet to rank in search engine search results. Hopefully, the blog will receive more organic traffic soon as I have to concentrate more on search engine optimization techniques in the coming days.

I am looking forward to updating December 2017 blogging achievements and traffic report with much higher values than November report.  If you really enjoy reading the post, comment your opinions and feel free to share here your blog traffic reports.

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