SEO Ranking Factors 2017 According to the Professionals Point of View

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When I was preparing images for my previously published blog post AddToAny Share Buttons – A Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Shares, I had a thought of writing next blog post under SEO category. But I was bit confused on topic selection.

Luckily, in the Friday afternoon (17.11.2017) when I had a scroll on my Twitter handle I found something interesting from my fellow twitter follower who has retweeted a tweet with a link to post from one of the world’s leading SEO niche blog Search Engine Land which is about  SEO ranking factors. The post motivates me to pick this one. I am feeling excited to write about the most happening topic and keep my fingers crossed to know the response to the post.

You cannot keep on following the same procedures all the times in terms to get your keywords top positions in the search results. SEO ranking factors will change often. Let me into the subject and tell you the most important SEO ranking factors for 2017 recently discussed at a panel by SEO experts.  If you still feel you are a beginner to SEO and not sure on SEO basics then here is the post for you Learn the Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

Security of your Blog Matters

Transfer domain from http to https

Make sure to install SSL certificate (HTTPS) for your blog as search engines preferably consider blogs or websites with secured HTTP. A case study stated that almost 65 percentages of websites which placed in the top three positions for keywords with high search volumes are secured with HTTPS. The SEO ranking factor believed to be not mandatory. But, if you transfer your domain from HTTP to HTTPS then there are high chances for your blog to appear in top search results.

Are you worried about spending money on SSL certificate installation? I will suggest you a worthy deal to get free SSL certificate installation for your blogs. You can claim the deal in my post Get Unlimited Web Hosting up to Five Blogs from a Reliable Web Hosting Provider.

Quality and Quantity of your Blog Contents

Your blog posts need both quality and quantity. This is one of the most important SEO ranking factors remains constant all the times since the search engine optimization concept invented. Whatever the blog post you write, make sure to write long contents.  At the same time, it should make huge sense to your audiences. There is no point writing a blog post around or more than 1500 words that do not contain adequate and interesting portions.

quality and quantity of the contents

Experts had a case study to find out the importance of contents length and quality. The results are like the contents of the blog placed in 20th position in search results is 45 percentage lesser than contents from blogs that are seemed in top three search results.

Is it compulsory to add the targeted keywords in Title?

Most people often suggest having targeted keywords in the blog post title for better search results. But according to the expert’s voice, adding keywords in the title is not an important SEO ranking factor. So make your blog post title most attractive and much relevant to the content rather simply adding your targeted keywords in it. You know, around 35 percentages of domains which placed search engines top search results do not mention targeted keywords in their titles.

Avoid linking to your targeted keywords within the anchor text. This is not a kind of genuine link building strategy nowadays. The search engine considers keywords in anchor text as pure spam links.

Be Aware on your Website Loading Time (Speed)

There are so many factors that possibly affect your blog speed. Blog with less speed performance fails to take a place in top search results. Check your site loading time with available tools and make changes if needs.

Keep your Bounce Rate always as Low as Possible

Bounce rate also referred as exit rate. The bounce rate for your blog calculated in terms of the number of sessions you received. If a user had a visit and exit quickly without spending much time on your blog leads you to get high bounce rate. Blog with high bounce rate does not get a place in top search results as per SEO keywords ranking factors 2017.

You might know there is a Google Analytics tool where you can analyze your blog bounce rate. To read basic ideas on integrating Google Analytics tool to your blog, click the post Beginners Guide to Google Analytics – A Tool to monitor your Blog Traffic.

Drive Traffic to your Blog

Be active on social media platforms to promote your blog as much as possible. While promoting, make sure to add attractive captions along with the link rather just copy and paste. According to algorithms, you will get quick results if your blog gets traffic from social media sites and direct visits.

Optimize your Blog for Friendly Mobile View

Mobile users are keeps on increasing compared to desktop and tablets. So put a good effort on optimizing your blog for a perfect mobile view. This is one most important SEO ranking factors today in 2017. As per sources, half of the Google search queries are made through smartphones.

Build Quality Backlinks

Build high quality backlinks

Most of the people may think link building strategies are quiet old and do not work anymore. Nevertheless linking quality backlinks are always a good deal to get rank in top positions. Make sure to keep in mind while building links as the term quality matters.

As a blogger or administrator of the website, you have to think your blog as your brand.  Promote it in all essential ways to get succeed. Think long term and make your move wisely with the above-explained SEO keywords ranking factors. If you think I missed out any important SEO keywords ranking factors for 2017, add it on the comment section.

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